2016 Twitter Debate Challenge


To join the SPJ Twitter Debate follow the steps below:

  1. Access or create a Twitter account
  2. Search for ‘@SPJAshford
  3. Follow our page

This space is for Journalism and Mass Communication students only so it will be marked Private.

Purpose of the Event

This debate challenge is designed to provide an opportunity for students in Journalism and Mass Communication to connect live during the 2016 Presidential Debate and practice journalistic skills using Twitter. Participation is voluntary and this is not connected to any course grades. Instructors may be present to join in with us!

Rules of Engagement

Since we are using this platform to stay informed and practice our skills in journalism, we have set forth some guidelines for posting in the Twitter feed.

  1. Objectivity
    • We all have a favorite, or not so favorite candidate! In this forum, however, you will be acting as a journalist to report information for a wide audience. Therefore, you will need to keep your political preferences private as you report.
  2. Language
    • No vulgar language will be allowed in the platform
  3. Obscenity
    • No obscene images will be allowed to be posted or linked to in the platform

Are You a New “Tweeter”?

If Tweeting is something that is new to you, don’t worry…this is a new platform for many of us. This experience is to help us learn together. Visit the resources below to learn more about how to use Twitter and some tips on using it to report the news.


Media reporter writes excellent list of rules for Twitter