Diversity in News Media | Brittany LaCroix

photo of four persons uniting hands
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

In any sort of media, whether it is local or international media, there will always be a lack of diversity in the coverage of news media. Diversity includes race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, and even personality. Anything that you can discriminate against can make the community diverse.  

The biggest example of diversity is race. It is also the most controversial topic to talk about because it is easily offensive if you are being discriminated against. One example of the lack of diversity in news media is police brutality not being talked about enough. Yes, we see it on social media. But you don’t see it on news media a whole lot. It is an important subject that needs to be covered because it is continuing to be an issue. The only kind of news that is being covered on this issue is the fact that a lot of these police officers are only getting suspended and still keeping their jobs after wrongfully shooting someone. You don’t see the justice rightfully being served and that is how there is a lack of diversity.  

Let us talk about sexual orientation. The LGBTQ community is always being discriminated against. I haven’t heard anything on the news being covered about the gay community in a long time either. Gay marriage is still a topic to be covered. It is a lack of diversity because you see the same things on the news being talked about. I can attest that the topics that reporters typically cover are shootings that happen in the area, or political topics about what the president is currently doing with the country.  

Another lack of diversity in the news media is the accomplishments of women. They always say it is a man’s world. But that’s only because they make it that way. Very rarely, women make news coverage. Why not talk about how women are fighting for the same pay that men get? Maybe even talk about how a woman saved someone’s life in the war zone and getting a medal from it! There will be a lot more coverage in the news if this becomes normal to talk about. 

Diversity needs to be in the news media to keep it interesting. It will also show that news has more empathy if they cover news that is more diverse. It will also help if they had reporters that had different personalities. Anything different can bring the change in diversity. All they care about is not receiving backlash, so they can protect their reputation. It is definitely noticeable that the news has changed over the last several years because community changes all the time. It just goes to show that the news changes for how the community wants it. But at the same time, it just makes it easy for them to leave the important stuff out. All the media cares about is what will get them ratings to build their reputation. The lack of corruption will definitely change the lack of diversity.