Lack of Diversity in News Media|Amora Correa

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It’s not news when we express the controversial idea that women have less space than men in important and significant roles. Women have an essential part in providing news in a progressive media landscape. Social media specialist Anita Sthankiya gathered statistical facts about ongoing systematic issues that affect diversity among journalists, such as gender, ethnicity, racial, ideological, ability, economic and geographic. One of the aspects that call out to my attention is the gender gap when analyzing female fare across all media platforms. We, women are not equal partners in presenting the news. The Status of Women in the U.S. Media expresses studies that show women produce a significantly less content than men, especially in male-dominated topics such as sports, weather, crime and justice.  

These reports express the stereotype between men and women in the same work field which many individuals may still deny, but we all know it still exists among society. Sthankiya states that “WMC examination found that at 20 of the nation’s top news outlets, men produced 62.3 percent of news reports during the studied period. Women only produced 37.7 percent of news reports during that same time.” This significant difference shows a lack a representation and objectivity. Scripts for women are mostly not created by women, therefore there is not a female perspective to add a feminine view to society which generates feminine misrepresentation. 

 The Atlantic author Gillian White agrees that minorities barely have a voice in an editorial staff. He states that it is “Pretty pathetic, considering the fact that minorities make up 37.4 percent of the U.S. population. But walk into most major newsrooms in the U.S. and you’ll be overwhelmed by the whiteness and maleness of the editorial staff.” 

 Overall, if women are not included to have equal voices, perspectives and experiences, how can we accurately represent over half of the population? 

When a minority group is left to stand out, they have no voice among society. This can lead to biased views among news stories and resulting in a deceived audience. It is troubling to expect society to advance in respect and empathy for those who are often left out and have no voice in expressing news to society. This aspect may push even further apart the necessity of overcoming prejudice towards minority groups. 

News outlets and organizations should push for a greater diversity and a smaller gap between minorities in their involvement inside each department of news creation. The underrepresentation of minorities does not reflect the communities served by media organizations. Diversity brings quality to every aspect of different communities. The public respects and feel honored when they see people who they can identify themselves with and that has a voice inside such a reputable place in society. Contributions from all people are valued and it should be commonplace for every ethnicity, gender, ideology, ability, race, economic and geographic status.